Through Bluetooth, why would my lap timer not be found?

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asked Feb 11, 2018 in PIDflight Lap by MRFPVRacing (480 points)
edited Feb 12, 2018 by MRFPVRacing

I setup exactly as described on your PID Lap Timer DIY page. Using USB I can connect no problem. When using an hc-06 BT module it connects to the module scans for timer but never find it. I've tried both FW 2.2 and 2.7

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answered Feb 12, 2018 by cmengler (2,270 points)

From the description of your issue it seems the Bluetooth module baud rate is not set to 115200.

By default most modules are set to 9600 baud rate. The Bluetooth module must be configured to 115200 baud rate.

More details on configuring the Bluetooth module for HC-06 (and other variants) can be found on the following page: -- please note the AT commands can vary depending on the HC-06 board you have received.

commented Mar 14, 2018 by jfoudou
I have the same problem. I can successfully connect with USB (but only when I select 57600).
With Bluetooth I cannot connect in any baud rate selected even thought I have successfully changed my hc-06 module baud rate to 115200 via serial connection.
commented Mar 15, 2018 by cmengler (2,270 points)
When the PIDflight Lap firmware is flashed correctly to the Arduino you should be connecting to the lap timing device at 115200 as that is what the serial connection baud rate has been configured to in the firmware.

However, to avoid confusion, the Arduino bootloader baud rate is typically 57600 which you need to ensure you have set when you flash the PIDflight Lap firmware to it.